The AM Code is a technical player development curriculum for youth footballers and is incorporated into our overall training system.

Utilises limited time and space

AM certiified coaches use our system to create a designed "zone/area" at their club to be fully prepared and equipped to deliver technical sessions to the entire team from the first whistle

Unlocks players potential
at any level

Whether it's young or old, amateur or professional player in the game, the AM code will turn ordinary players, at any level, into better technically skilled footballers

develops players for any
tactical programme

The AM code meets the needs of coaches by giving their players essential technical skills designed, to improve body shape, decision making and awareness in the game to execute and team shape

ensures better coaching
and communication

Easily convey your message during training, half time or after the game to your players and their parents with clear and detailed technical coaching points

creates footballers,
not skilled drillers

Player small-sided games with various requirments and objectives to teach your players how to combine and utilie in game situations with all the physical and mental skills they have learned

creates a pathway for players

The AM code ticks the technical boxes for professional clubs look for in players, creating players that are technically gifted and valuable to have a direct impact in any team