Pro Youth Experience

Exclusive opportunity for elite level players to experience a professional training camp, testing themselves against elite level teams from around Scotland.

Pro Youth Experience

The intense training programme will focus on technical and tactical knowledge with coaching from professional and UEFA licensed coaches.

Exposure to professional coaches from various clubs.

AM Soccer players with the best level of attitude and performance over the last 12 months will join 18 of the finest international players from our partner clubs in the United States.

The trade-off is hosting the foreign players, providing accommodation and food. In return, they’re offered the best training programme globally for players to come together from different places.

The experience takes place at St Leonards, where the players will train three times a day on the second to none playing fields, previously used by FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Everton and Houston Dynamo.

An on-site cafeteria is available for players to eat during the day in between training/games.

The group will play five games against elite/professional outfits.

Video analysis plays an important part in the camps themes. Over the two weeks, they will cover two styles similar to pro teams. For example, week one would be relevant to Chelsea’s previously used 3-4-3 formation, where the players would observe footage and be educated on the key principals; before going out and participating in sessions relevant to what they have just watched, in the hope of transferring it in to the matches. All games played are filmed for post-match feedback.

Recovery sessions also take place in the form of yoga, or trips to the local beach for ‘beach soccer’ or a swim in the sea.

Written feedback and DVD of training experience.