AMS Release Annual Review For 2017

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We're delighted to introduce our first ever annual report. The purpose of this report is to reflect upon the extensive work AMS carries out within Fife while offering us an opportunity to benchmark our progress in meeting our objectives as a charitable organisation, so we can further improve the quality and range of our provision within the local community for the coming year.

Since establishing AM Soccer Club in 2006, and latterly AMS as a charitable foundation in 2015, each year has seen our level of activity and impact within the local community grow. 2017 has been no exception.

While of course AMS was founded from the AM Soccer Club, we attained charitable status in 2015 to reflect our role in delivering wider community and social value through football. Since then, we’ve grown our programmes into the three strands of: AM Soccer Club, AM Special Needs programme and AM Seniors.

While 2017 saw these aspects of our work continue to go from strength to strength we were also very pleased to develop a new strand of activity in the form of our Women and Girls programme which we’ve developed in line with the organisation’s ethos of providing sport for all.

Since August we’ve been delivering 2 hour sessions at our home of Duffus Park and in partnership with Bell Baxter High School. The initial response to the programme has been excellent and we’re really encouraged for the future of the programme in 2018.

We were delighted that the opportunities and support we offer young people within the local area was recognised by the Fife Chamber of Commerce as November saw us listed as a finalist for the ‘Developing Young Workforces’ Award.

This year also saw us undertake our first membership survey to find out exactly how we’re helping our  members and where we can improve for the future. The exercise was invaluable to us and reaffirmed some key facts about our activity:

- Members are highly satisfied with the level and quality of our coaching.

- Members believe our activity enhances the local community

- Members believe our activity advances the values of participation in physical activity and education.

This is a testament to the AMS staff and numerous volunteers who work tirelessly to support our  members’ development and the organisation’s wider community aims and objectives.

You can find the full results of the survey later within this report which we hope you’ll find an interesting summary and evaluation of the past year. As an innovative and aspirational club, we’re looking to further kick on in 2018 and you find out more about our plans later in this report.