Co-op Membership and Community Fund

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Members of the local Co-Operative visited our Walking Footballers to talk about the Membership and Community Fund. The financial benefit received from the community fund will go directly towards supporting our Walking Football Programme. Here's how it works:

To get started:

1) You sign up for a Co-Operative Membership card in-store or online @
2) Once you register your card you can select a 'Community Fund' cause- please select 'AM Seniors'

Benefits you receive:

When you buy Co-Op branded goods, Co-Op put 5% of what you spend into your Membership account where you will receive money off or offers when you buy in store or online. You also earn points towards a share of profits and you have a say in how Co-Op do business (for more details visits website).

Benefits AM Seniors receive:

1% of what you spend will be donated towards your chosen cause- AM Seniors. We are able to provide sustainability and longevity to our Walking Football Programme giving. E senior participants in our area the opportunity to exercise, socialise and make new Forbes through Walking Football.

A terrific partnership that brings manny benefits to community through the Programme. Please sign up in store or online to help raise money for our cause